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The Amazing Advantages of Digitally Printed Flexible Packaging

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  • The Amazing Advantages of Digitally Printed Flexible Packaging
10 Jun 2022

As a leading producer of printed packaging in the Southeastern U.S., Sundance creates eye-catching flexible packages that promote your unique brand and effectively market your products. Flexible packaging can be printed traditionally, on offset presses, when high volumes are needed. And flexible packaging can be printed digitally, on our HP Indigo digital press, when certain other needs must be met. The following five scenarios make digitally printed flexible packaging your perfect choice.

1: When you need optimal flexibility

Flexible packaging can include soft boxes, stand-up pouches, envelopes, and packets. They can be resealable or not, and child-resistant or not. Flexible packaging is ideal for products that must be kept fresh and secure or that have unusual shapes. Flexible packaging is the smart option for everything from foods, beverages, sports, and nutrition products to pet care, lawn and garden, pool maintenance, and household cleaning products. And when flexible packaging is digitally printed, it delivers optimal flexibility.

2: When you need fewer quantities

Digitally printed flexible packaging is more cost-effective for smaller volumes. And smaller volumes of your flexible packaging can be handy for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • Roll-out of a new product
  • Test trials of a new product
  • New company just getting started
  • Special packaging for a holiday or specific season
  • Promotional campaign for a particular product
  • Testing product messaging for a niche market
  • Testing product packaging for a targeted market

Digitally printed flexible packaging also enables you to maintain just-in-time inventories, so that you have the optimum volume of packaged products on the shelf and ready to ship. A just-in-time inventory strategy helps keep cash flow healthy and prevents your inventory from becoming outdated.

(By comparison, due to set-up costs and time, it is more cost-effective to use offset printing to produce greater volumes, which in turn reduces your cost per unit.)

  1. When you need multiple SKUs produced

Digital printing is the ideal solution when you want the volume control and cost-efficiency of producing fewer units of multiple SKUs. Since the digital process requires no printing plates, you can seamlessly combine multiple SKUs on one production run. Whether you have two SKUs, or 20, or 200, the digital program instructs the press to automatically switch to the next SKU without slowing down the print run and without requiring manual intervention.

  1. When you need to tweak your product package

For the same reason that multiple SKUs can be seamlessly accommodated, making tweaks to your package design or messaging is a snap with digitally printed flexible packaging. Because digital printing eliminates the need for printing plates, tweaks to your package design can be done quickly and seamlessly by simply editing your digital file. Need to modify product use instructions? Update your tagline? Change your product name? You can easily modify any element of your design file and begin printing the updated design immediately.

  1. When you need to customize or personalize your package

Another stunning feature of digitally printed flexible packaging is the ability to customize every single package. (Wait, what?!?) For example, you can print the following unique elements, and various others, on the fly:

  • Identifiers such as SKU numbers and expiration dates
  • Individual product tracking controls, such as scannable bar codes
  • Interactive electronic consumer elements such as NFC, RFID, and QR codes

For the ultimate in customer engagement, digital printing enables your flexible packaging to be personalized as well. Imagine sending out your newest product sample with the targeted consumer’s name and address printed directly on your package. This eliminates the need to print labels separately and affix them to each package.

And when you need quality and reliability

SunDance enjoys a well-earned reputation for producing the finest quality digitally printed flexible packaging on time, on target, and on budget. Digital printing saves you time and money while supporting photo-quality graphics and adding substantial value.

We’re proud that our innovative work continues to earn top industry recognition, from the Golden Flamingo trophy for Best Printer awarded by the Florida Graphics Alliance, to official certification that our newest stand-up pouch meets the requirements of child-resistant packaging specified in CFR 16, Part 1700.20.

Learn more about all the exciting options available to you on a tour of our state-of-the-art printing and packaging facility. Arrange your tour today!

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