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Pouching Palooza with the Ares-400

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17 Jun 2022

SunDance is pleased to announce the latest addition to our packaging and pouching equipment list – the Hudson Sharp Ares 400-SUP. As we continue to expand and meet our clients’ needs for flexible pouching and packaging, the Ares-400 is the logical choice to expand our offerings to our customers. The Hudson Sharp Ares-400 is loaded with features, including dual unwind with front and back register, bottom gusset insertion, and the ability to insert CR, standard PTC, or powder resistant zippers. The Ares-400 delivers excellent pouching capabilities on a variety of substrates, including recycle ready PE, laminated films, and polyethylene. With the addition of the Ares-400, SunDance is ready to help our customers expand into the flexible packaging marketplace with eye-catching designs, outstanding quality, and our knowledgeable sales team to guide you on your way.

Do you have questions about the flexible packaging process or would you like to visit and see the Hudson Sharp Ares-400 in action? Give us a call and schedule a tour today!

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