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Packaging, Labels, and Your BRAND

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  • Packaging, Labels, and Your BRAND
18 Feb 2020

Packaging and labels are one of your biggest brand ambassadors because they influence how consumers will perceive your brand. Boring or poor-quality packaging and labels will immediately affect consumers’ opinions which can be hard to change - after all, you only have one shot at a first impression! Even if your product or service is amazing, it won’t sell well if your packaging and labels are unappealing to consumers, let alone make a positive impression of your brand. See how you can enhance your brand’s image with consumers by following these packaging and labels tips.

1. Select the right type of packaging.

It’s crucial that your packaging not only works with the product but also reinforces your branding. For example, there are many types of box packaging but they don’t communicate the same thing. A rigid box made with a thick cardboard material has a more luxe look and feel than a thinner folding box that is more cost-effective but not as high-end. Whether your product appears on a store shelf or an e-commerce site, make sure the packaging type you select fits your brand.

2. Have the correct dimensions before designing. 

Before creating a packaging or label design, it’s important to have the shape and size dimensions to ensure the design will work for printing. Shrinking or enlarging a design to fit your packaging or label dimensions can dramatically change how the design appears. By designing in the correct dimensions from the beginning, you’ll save time and resources on unnecessary revisions, and the finished print results will communicate quality about your brand.

3. Consider different material options.

There are a variety of materials used for packaging and labels which is why you should explore all of the material options available to ensure that the one you select is the best option for brand. For example, if your brand is more natural and earthy, brown kraft paper would complement your brand more than a glossy film would because of its rustic appearance.

4. Communicate your brand through color.

You probably already have brand colors (and if you don’t, we can help with brand standards), but your packaging or label design may have additional colors other than your brand colors. It’s essential that all of the colors on the labels and packaging work well together while also communicating the right message about your brand. 

Check out a cool business card we did for ourselves that was featured on YouTube: 

5. Use blank space wisely.

Avoid visual clutter by using blank space in your packaging and labels wisely. Using too much blank space, however, can end up providing too little information to consumers. Strike a balance between graphics, copy, and blank space so consumers won’t feel compelled to look away.

6. Make it easy to read.

Purchasing decisions, especially those made in-store, often happen in mere seconds which is why your packaging and labels should be easy to read so your brand doesn’t get lost in the clutter. Format graphics and copy in a way that allows consumers to scan yet absorb information quickly.

7. Add a special element.

Packaging and labels that have special coatings or eye-catching materials, such as soft-touch laminate or shiny foil, can create a unique look and feel that engages multiple senses. Not only does having a special element make your packaging and labels stand out, but it also makes your brand more memorable.

Make Your Brand Shine with Packaging and Labels

Packaging and labels are too important for branding to leave them as an afterthought. With SunDance as a partner, we’ll help your business create a packaging or label solution that adds value to your brand and appeals to customers. Our team will work closely with you every step of the way from research and development to design and printing. Call us at 407-734-7444 or request a quote today to start your project!

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