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Video - Laser Cut Acrylic Box

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  • Video - Laser Cut Acrylic Box
15 Jun 2017

Recently we hosted our friends from Factur, a local builder-driven fabrication lab here in Orlando, to develop an acrylic version of a project from Bob Barnett. Bob's Bug Box design is incredibly unique and uses a three piece sliding door mechanism sometimes called to the "Torggler system."

Here at SunDance, we have a history of trying new things with our equipment all the time, so this was something that seemed a perfect fit for SunDance. We're working on some other fun filled projects with Bob such as a dinosaur mask and a robotic telescope. Stay tuned for updates on those. Granted, it's not what you'd hear from most printers. But, then again, SunDance isn't like most printers.

If you're working on a unique design for a client, or for yourself, send us your ideas. We would love to help you turn them into a reality.

Thanks again to The Open Gimble Project and Factur for all their help.

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