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Expand Your Color Space and Horizons with 6 or 7 Color Printing

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  • Expand Your Color Space and Horizons with 6 or 7 Color Printing
04 Jun 2021

Generally speaking, more is more, right? Nowhere is this aphorism truer than in the world of color. Gone are the days of having to print strictly in plain old boring 4 color CMYK color space. These days, color is bold and exciting and vibrant, and sometimes, you just can’t get that with conventional CMYK color. That’s where 6 and 7 color presses come in, and at SunDance, we not only have the ability to print with 6 and 7 color presses - we also know how to use them.

Being able to work in 6 or 7 color space as opposed to 4 color space opens a whole new window into the world to allow for more accurate color matching, pinpoint color accuracy, and color consistency across applications. Our HP Indigo Digital presses allow for the industry standard (and stalwart) CMYK of course, but also add in Orange, Green and Violet for increased color gamut. Adding orange and violet (and green, if a 7-color press) may sound like no big deal, but those extra colors allow us to hit an amazing 97% of all Pantone colors, which is music to your ears if you are dealing with color critical material such as printing and branding for major advertising campaigns (we do), logos (absolutely), or trademarked and immediately recognizable colors schemes (we most certainly do). In addition to the added flexibility of increased color gamut, we can also print white ink, which is a big deal if you are printing on a clear substrate (especially handy if you are in the label industry) or need to lay down an opaque color on top of a holographic or metallic board. If you’re feeling the urge to relive the 1980s, you can print with security feature blacklight reactive ink, or embrace your inner wild child and choose fluorescent inks in wild shades of yellow and pink.

6 7 color printing

An expanded color gamut means expanded possibilities for your print job. See how we can help you go further at SunDance!

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Joanna Quentin

Joanna Quentin

As a successful working artist, Joanna brings a unique perspective to every customer’s printing project. With over twenty years in the fine art and wide format printing industry and plenty of hands-on experience, she understands attention to detail, quality materials, and a dash of creativity is key in producing a piece that you are proud to stand behind. Her commitment to customer satisfaction and willingness to explore “outside the box” solutions to difficult or unusual printing requests make her a welcome addition to the SunDance team.

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