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15 May 2024

Print Resources: Converting GSM to Pounds

Welcome to SunDance, your friendly guide through the paper weight puzzle of GSM vs. Pounds! We've crafted this guide to demystify the process and help you seamlessly convert GSM (grams per square meter) to pounds, which is especially handy if you're accustomed to inches and pounds but find yourself in the land of paper metrics. As a commercial printer working with international brands, we often find there is some confusion when trying to convert paper weights. Have no fear, we are here to help with all of your printing woes!

01 Jun 2016

Print Resources: SunDance House Stock Sample Book

The SunDance House Stock Sample Book is a great tool for picking just the right paper to bring your project to life. This coil-bound book contains samples of papers SunDance has in stock for those quick turns and specialty projects.

Call today and request your House Stock Book for quick and easy reference 407-734-7444.

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