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SunDance Boosts Creative Print Options with Easymatrix Purchase

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  • SunDance Boosts Creative Print Options with Easymatrix Purchase
17 Mar 2022

SunDance is pleased to announce our recent purchase of the Easymatrix 106 C/CS die-cutter from Heidelberg.  The Easymatrix is a versatile piece of equipment that can be used for anything that requires die cutting, kiss cuts, contoured cuts or perforations, and will allow us to offer our customers even greater creativity with their designs. Some areas where the Easymatrix excels include:
● Folding cartons (including those with intricate cut requirements)
● Corrugated cardboard up to 4 mm thick
● Packaging
● Signage and displays

The Easymatrix also offers enhanced capabilities for embossing and debossing - excellent for showcasing logos and adding visual and tactile appeal to business cards, greeting cards, folders, brochures, and other applications.

The addition of the Easymatrix is an example of our Core Value commitment to Be Extremely Innovative , "We understand how important it is to stand out, as well as the challenges,” said JohnHenry Ruggieri, the president of SunDance. “Adding the Easymatrix to our production lineup helps us achieve even more interesting designs that get our clients noticed and remembered.  With more creative printing options available at SunDance, it’ll be easier for businesses and non-profits to elevate their brand with a unique design. “

To see how the Easymatrix can enhance your print project, please visit



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