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Security Printing Advances

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20 Dec 2017

Ensuring the legitimacy of documents has always meant staying one step ahead of the technology available to forgers. Due to a rise in inexpensive printers and instructions available online, let alone the professional criminal element, forgery is an ever-evolving threat.

SunDance has always been on the cusp of new security features to meet the needs of our clients. From numbered gift certificates and microprinted documents to holographic films and legally restricted prescription pads, we have adopted new security procedures, production processes, and even new equipment to do the job right in-house. Our innovative approach has earned us the trust of both small businesses and international brands, which require the highest level of security available. 

The latest advancement in security technology that SunDance offers is changing the game yet again.

Security substrates, or specialty security paper stocks such as those used in dollar bills and checks, have advanced over the years. Now papers can hide UV watermarks, security ribbons, and fibers, or even RFID chips like a credit card or key fob.

Microprinting can be done digitally now, meaning hidden individual codes can be included on every individual page printed. For instance, a prescription pad could have hidden numbers per sheet, or even the actual order number and date of the purchase of the pad designed into your automated online storefront.

Security inks are now available in every imaginable format, from UV and blacklight reactive to glow in the dark or heat reactive, allowing designs to either become apparent or disappear under specific conditions.

Holographic films and foil effects are another way to make your piece more difficult to recreate.

Remember that incorporating an array of these methods to make your piece nearly impossible to recreate is as important as creating a security key to allow users to determine the validity of the document. Let us help you determine what's right for your specific project and your budget.  

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