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Illuminate Your Brand with LED Banners

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  • Illuminate Your Brand with LED Banners
16 Nov 2018

SunDance is proud to announce its exclusive partnership with CAPTIVA as the premier southeast sales and distribution vendor of their LED-illuminated flexible banners. TF Massif Technologies Ltd. recently announced the launch of their dynamically illuminated electronic banner technology through its marketing arm – CAPTIVA Innovations Ltd. These innovative new eBanners can be printed using our existing in-house large-format printers, allowing for a new array of exciting graphic options for our customers.



Our illuminated banners are created using flexible electronic material and an array of micro LED light circuits that are embedded in precise locations and can be programmed to light up in any color. By using a variety of light options, you can easily create dynamic moving patterns and vibrant effects—opening up a world of visual possibilities!

Enjoy the benefits with this new and innovative LED printing technology: 

  • Flexible materials with programmable electronic patterns
  • Compatible with multiple power sources—USB or wall outlet
  • Paper-thin, lightweight materials for easy shipping and storage
  • Simple installation—just unroll the banners and turn them on
  • Can be installed anywhere—ceilings, stand, display booths, curved surfaces and more

SunDance is thrilled to have the opportunity to explore this new technology with our customers while bringing CAPTIVA’s newest and most exciting technology to life.

Contact your Sales Representative today to learn more about using LED-lighted printing on your next project.

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