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3 Creative Ways to Use Your Data

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  • 3 Creative Ways to Use Your Data
24 Sep 2020

2020 has been a year like no other. At SunDance we are taking this as an opportunity to challenge the normal way of doing things and get creative to find new solutions to drive even BETTER results. We have the solutions and the fresh ideas you seek to engage, communicate, and create positive, long-lasting impressions. Let’s make it personal! 

Importance of Personalization 

Personalization is an extremely powerful tool when used right. Personalization is proven to improve marketing efforts and increase the value of potential and current customers. In fact, 72% of consumers say they only engage with personalized messaging (SmarterHQ). Personalization helps you stand out from the crowd by creating unique content, based on their interest or buying habits, that leaves an impacting memory for your customers. It’s time to build stronger and more personal relationships with your customers. Personalization has become a business necessity. Allow SunDance to help you implement the following 3 creative ways to use your data for personalization.  

Personalized URL 

Splash the recipient’s name on a postcard to peak curiosity and increase their engagement. Include a personalized URL (PURL) to make their responses that much easier and MEASUREABLE! 

Personalized Booklet  

Send your clients a personalized booklet ALL ABOUT THEM! Learn about your customer’s buying habits and offer more relevant recommendations to trigger purchase or engagement.  

Personalized Graphs 

Create personalized graphs explaining payment options, financing benefits, and more. Remember, most people are VISUAL!  

Count on SunDance 

Allow SunDance to help you stand out from the crowd by using your data to create your marketing efforts personalized by interacting with your customers in a way that feels personal and human, taking into consideration their likes, preferences, and interests.  

Call us at 407-734-7444 or request a quote today! 


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